Friday Favorites XVII

Friday Favorites XVII

I am so happy it's Friday!! This week has been long and slow, after getting over a cold at the start of the week I am ready for next week when I will get into the routine I had originally planned for myself (which includes lots of baking, writing and yoga-ing). Standing between my Friday Favorites and my new routine is a weekend full of cleaning, organizing, and unpacking. Yes- my suitcases are still full on the floor - sorry mom.  // Shake It Off // Pizza // Hawaii // \\ Beauty Blender \\ Mugs \\ Chris Pratt \\ 1.// Favorite Music Video: Taylor Swift … |Read More|

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Back to Life, Back to Reality via The Pineapple Cake Blog

Back to Life, Back to Reality

// via // I just got back to Australia last week, and prior to coming back I made a promise to myself to be better at blogging in the moment. So what is blogging in the moment? Well if we go on a weekend away to a cool new place, writing about it on the Sunday or Monday we get back. If we try a new restaurant worth sharing, uncover a new trend, or just have a … |Read More|

Friday Favorites: The Pineapple Cake

Friday Favorites XVI

Happy Friday yall! This is my first Friday Favorites back in Australia and it's so nice to be reunited with my baking supplies, teddy bear, and of course Ben. I had a fantastic few days in San Francisco last weekend before making the journey back Down Under, and plan to highlight some of the fun from San Fran next week. In the meantime here are a few of my favorite … |Read More|

Sheep Shearing Feature

Farm Life: Sheep Shearing

While Ben and I were in Narromine for Easter there was one thing on the to-do list, shear a sheep! (and look for kangaroos, but that's not the point of this post) The week before Easter we saw a sheep shearing demonstration at the Royal Easter Show, and watched at young kids had a go with the shearers. I thought it would be so cool to learn how to sheer so I started … |Read More|

Kangaroo Spotting

Farm Life: Kangaroo Spotting

Remember yesterday when I told you how much I LOVE kangaroos? I wasn't kidding! When Ben and I first started dating and I found out his family owned a farm in Australia all I really wanted to know was if there were kangaroos there... the answer is yes! No, they don't raise roos or anything like that (wouldn't that be cool?!), but kangaroos in that part of the country … |Read More|