Friday Favorites XL from @dreeciotti

Friday Favorites XL

It's Friday Favorites #40, which means that this is my XL Friday Favorites post. I haven't decided if I am going to jam pack this post full of favorite things or just keep it normal... we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out by the end huh?  jump to favorite:// tv show / fashion pick / funny// \\ paleo condiment \ song\ city\\  Favorite Song: I Live My Life by Imagine Dragons I was listening to this "mellow" playlist on Spotify today and then this song came on. It doesn't sound to mellow to me, especially when put in the middle of Ed Sheeran and Cold Play but I … |Read More|

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The Perfect Mimosa - how to make the perfect mimosa for our next special occasion from @thepineapplecake

The Perfect Mimosa

It’s not all the time we drink champagne with breakfast, but when we do it’s always for some super special reason, am I right?  Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays, football games (huh?), romantic breakfasts in bed you name it and there’s a good chance a classic mimosa is involved… two or three if you’re lucky.  Have you ever stopped to think: am … |Read More|

Recreating the Best Oscar Looks

Recreating the Best Oscar Looks

Last night was one of the most anticipated nights in our house, The Academy Awards. We got dressed up (in pajamas) and sat on the couch drinking our cocktails (sparkling flavored water). It was just like we were there among the stars. But thank goodness we weren't because no one needs to see all that.  Of course we watched the awards to find out who won in all the … |Read More|

Friday Favorites XXXIX from The Pineapple Cake blog

Friday Favorites XXXIX

Happy Friday!! I hope yall had a fantastic week. The last two weeks have been the most productive in a long time, and I am planning on carrying that momentum into the weekend and next week. Before I get into my Friday Favorites I just want to send a huge congratulations over to Amanda from Meet @ The Barre who is getting married today!  Now onto the … |Read More|

Predicting the Academy Awards Best Picture Winner

Predicting The Academy Awards Best Picture

This year I made it a goal to watch all of the movies nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture prior to the awards show this Sunday. I am pleased to say that as of just last night I have finished the list!! I've got just a few more to go before I finish watching all of the movies in several other categories as well.  After lots of thinking I am finally … |Read More|