Friday Favorites XXIX

Friday Favorites XXIX

Don't ask me why I started doing my Friday Favorites in roman numerals 29+ weeks (I missed a few) ago, but each week I start writing the title, then hop over to google and figure out how to write each number as a roman numeral. Do they teach this stuff in school? A little business first.. on Monday I co-hosted a giveaway with a group of other bloggers. Check out the post and get yourself entered. I posted my November Wish List Tuesday and it's got the best looking scarf/wrap ever!! And, I decided this year will be the first time I order Christmas Cards and need a bit of help picking one. … |Read More|

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Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Card

Since I was a kid, getting Christmas cards was one of my favorite things about Christmas. I used to sit in the kitchen and look through all the cards that my family got and read every card that came to us. Ok, that's a lie. I used to sift through the cards looking for the people who sent photos of their families and long letters letting us know what was going on in … |Read More|

WIAW: Curry via The Pineapple Cake blog

WIAW VI: The Curry

When I plan out my WIAW posts I always think about a spectacular day of eating I may have during the week and make sure to showcase all the yummy things from that day. Well, when I woke up Sunday morning and Ben told me he wanted to take me out for paleo pancakes I was super excited because Sunday would be my WIAW day. I took tons of photos of my pancakes (because they … |Read More|

November Wish List via The Pineapple Cake blog

November Wish List + Big Sales

My November Wish List is just that: wishes... so you'll see a mix of warm clothes and cooler clothes, sometimes boots right next to sandals.. I keep the mix because  I start planning for the next season early - and then snag the best sales when the seasons end; and 2, because I live Down Under but my mind, family, and favorite stores are in America. I just … |Read More|

At the Olive tre Markets via The Pineapple Cake blog

Weekending: A Tale of Two Markets + A Giveaway!!

When I look back on this weekend I am still in shock at how much we were able to get done: movies at the cinema, lounging on the beach, a breakfast date, multiple errands, an attempted washing machine repair, and shopping at two markets. It sounds like a lot, it was a lot, and this morning I am still recovering from all the excitement! Excitement which started … |Read More|