Friday Favorites 65

Friday Favorites LXV

Happy Friday Favorites #65 yall! I’ve been taking some personal time away from the blog recently hence lack of posting. But still loving reading everyone’s blogs and updating Facebook and Insta in my absence. I'll give you more details on what's up in my life in a future post but for now it's on to some long overdue Friday Favorites!  Favorite Song: Retrograde by James Blake Seems as though I’ve found another great one to listen to at work. Press play and keep reading! Favorite Find: Dresses for Spring Racing Carnival Race season is upon us and I’ve got plans for the season. … |Read More|

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Kokoda: Tropical Fijian Ceviche Recipe

Kokoda: Tropical Fijian Ceviche Recipe + a Giveaway!!

Kokoda: Tropical Fijian Ceviche Last month Ben and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary from the day we met on the Coral Coast of Fiji. Since this was the first anniversary we have ever celebrated in our two years of dating I wanted to go all out; after all you only get one ten year Fijian anniversary.  A few days before the big day I snapped a photo of my list of … |Read More|

mini indulgence: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

This mini Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Cake is the perfect sized indulgence for anyone loving the sweet taste of peanut butter and chocolate. With large scoops of ice cream, creamy chocolate, and crunchy base this is one you won't want to share - and you won't have to! Raise your hand if you eat Peanut Butter out of the jar!  If you raised your hand, or … |Read More|

Sticky Date Milkshake with Jack Daniel's Caramel Sauce

Sticky Date Milkshake with Jack Daniel’s Caramel

Have yall seen these milkshakes, er, should I say FreakShakes?! I remember being at work early last week and opening up a browser to see the headline that these milkshakes from Patissez in Canberra were going viral, by Thursday I had friends in America asking me if I had seen the FreakShake. Since I won’t be making that five hour drive for milkshakes any time soon I did … |Read More|

Sunshine Chicken: bacon wrapped chicken in a honey mustard and pineapple marinade. Perfect for summer grilling.

Sunshine Chicken

Sunshine Chicken grilled chicken wrapped in bacon, and smothered in a sweet honey mustard & pineapple marinade While I am bundled up and braving a windy and rainy winter in Australia all of my friends in America are enjoying the beach and barbecues.  I don't get jealous easily... ok, maybe I do when it comes to the weather, so I did what any other food … |Read More|