10 Lessons Learned from the Whole30 via The Pineapple Cake blog

10 Lessons Learned from the Whole30

Before we decided to change our eating habits, I read about all the people who lost major pound-age doing the Whole30 and I wanted to be one of those people. When I stepped on the scale in September I was the heaviest I had been in two years (I had lost 27lbs in 2 years from exercise - and gained back 8lbs when I moved in with Ben - we ate very well!) I wanted to get those pounds off. I saw other people lose oodles of weight  I wanted to be that person. How much weight did I lose? Check out my Whole30 Recap and Results from the first 30 and 60 days in this post. I wasn't that … |Read More|

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WIAW: Paleo Chili via The Pineapple Cake blog

WIAW XIV: Comfort Foods

I just cracked myself up writing this title. Looks like a bunch of jumbled up letters with no purpose. Thanks for joining me for What I Ate Wednesday, #14!! Each week I write this no judgment post about what I ate during the week. This week I am throwing in a bit of a recipe as well (full recipe next week) for paleo chili, it's seriously delicious! In last … |Read More|

Super Bowl Fashion | What to wear to a Super Bowl party via The Pineapple Cake blog

Super Bowl XLIX Style

I come from a big sport family! I swear my dad can tell you any stat from any game you can imagine - or whip out his collection of game tickets collected over the past 50 years. It's no surprise he had an influence over my interest in football and working with the NFL over four years. Being that we are such a huge sports family it's also can't be that surprising we … |Read More|

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Australia Day Long Weekend

Australia Day weekend is usually characterized as a beautiful weekend with good weather, beaches, beers and Aussie Pride - I have been looking forward to this weekend ever since I found out Australia Day existed. Imagine my disappointment when cold rain and winter-like conditions were forecast for the long weekend. Even still, we made the most of it. As you may recall, we … |Read More|

Friday Favorites via The Pineapple Cake blog

Friday Favorites XXXVI

Last weekend was the calm before the storm... before we get into my actual Friday Favorites can I just say my favorite person this week is Ben for doing all the driving we are about to do. Monday is Australia Day and we've been planning on visiting our friends in Sydney since... last Australia Day. But before we head to Sydney (only 2hrs from Newcastle) we are driving five … |Read More|