Kokoda: Tropical Fijian Ceviche Recipe

Kokoda: Tropical Fijian Ceviche Recipe

Kokoda: Tropical Fijian Ceviche Last month Ben and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary from the day we met on the Coral Coast of Fiji. Since this was the first anniversary we have ever celebrated in our two years of dating I wanted to go all out; after all you only get one ten year Fijian anniversary.  A few days before the big day I snapped a photo of my list of things to do on the weekend and sent it over to Ben; what I didn't realize was that my entire menu for our anniversary was on the piece of paper!! I had just ruined my anniversary surprise!  Determined to make up for … |Read More|

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Friday Favorites #61

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Happy Friday Favorites #61.  This is what I like to call, "the post that almost wasn't".  Life has a funny way of getting in the way and with my new schedule I have been a bit buggered when it comes to blogging - and almost threw this post by the wayside to start fresh next week. But you know what I love about Friday Favorite's posts? I get to read all of … |Read More|

Friday Favorites #60

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Happy Friday Favorites #60! Yall, it's been a day.... it's only 9:30 and I am buggin (has anyone said that since Cher in Clueless? Anyway I got to my desk to recoup, think about bacon (as ya do), and type this little intro for you. I'm about to get some breakfast in to me and listen to this week's favorite song on repeat - gotta make it through the day! Favorite Song: … |Read More|

Friday Favorites 59

Friday Favorites LIX

Happy Friday Favorites #59. I am going to keep this one short and sweet as my visa application to stay in Australia has been consuming my life (hence a lack of posts) and it's due by Tuesday, or else so long Aussies, my job, and Ben. Eek! Oh and if my week wasn't stressed enough, we heard back from the neighbor.. all I can say is we are dealing with a true b**** … |Read More|

Friday Favorites 58

Friday Favorites LVIII

Happy Friday Favorites #58! I am so looking forward to the weekend because we get to take advantage of the massages and pamparing that I got for Ben and I for our anniversary last month. AND I am finalizing my visa to stay in Australia permanently (woah, scary!)... AND I am going to have a post on Sunday - I never post on Sunday's but this week is different. Be sure to … |Read More|