Foodie Weekend: Dree at Grill'd

A Very Foodie Weekend

Before the weekend started we knew we would be celebrating, what we didn't know was that we would be having a very foodie weekend. What are we celebrating? A few things. 1. I hit a milestone number of views for this little blog. yay! 2. We finished the Whole30 - and stuck with it a few extra days until the weekend. #Whole33 3. Friday night we found out that Whole30 shared my results photo on their Facebook Page and Instagram which caused a surge in traffic to my blog, a ton of new Instagram followers, and a scabillion likes and positive comments on my hard work. I am going to post … |Read More|

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Friday Favorites XXIV

Friday Favorites XXIV

So happy for it to be Friday!! This was a big week for us not only with the usual things we do around here, but throw in crazy storms, a cold and sniffles, and finishing our 30 day diet. Only one thing standing in the way of celebrating our successful and challenging month, and that's the Friday Favorites! And by the way, the past two weeks I have been posting yummy … |Read More|

Four Days in Melbourne: St. Kilda Pier

Four Days in Melbourne pt. 2

Sorry for the delay in getting our final two days in Melbourne up on the blog. There have been a few changes around here and a lot more posting going on, all of which I am so pleased about. If you missed the first two posts of our Melbourne trip, check out these posts to get caught up to speed.  Exploring Melbourne, Australia Four Days in … |Read More|

What I Ate Wednesday: Instagram Collage

What I Ate Wednesday i

Alright yall, so there is a trend sweeping blogs and I thought it was time to get on board. If you have ever checked out my instagram you'll see that I love taking photos of my food, go on, check it out. Basically before every meal I take a photo and sometimes share it and other times keep it in my camera roll until I need more storage space for dinner … |Read More|

October Wish List

October Wish List

I am still scratching my head wondering where the past month has gone. Seems like just yesterday I was scouring my old emails and saved photos for my September Wish List, and now here we are halfway through October. Since the weather is heating up in Australia and cooling down in America (I get about half my readers from each country) I am going to split up my October … |Read More|