Pizza Hut Pizza

WIAW #28: Junk Food Sunday

Ah, the life of a blogger, food lover, and food blogger - it doesn't get more interesting than on photoshoot days does it?  Last Sunday I was doing photographs for Sticky Date Milkshakes, mini Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Cakes, and Individual Sticky Date Puddings (which will be posted soon). Over the past few weeks of living in our new apartment I have determined the best time of day to shoot in natural light and the best spot in the house to do this from, and that is near our sliding glass doors around 10am.  With not much time to get three desserts finished and … |Read More|

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Christmas in July and Glenrock-7

Weekending: Christmas in July and Glenrock

For months years I have wanted to throw a Christmas in July party. There’s just so much to love about the idea of celebrating Christmas twice a year, right? This year we planned our housewarming to coincide with July 25th so we could have friends over both functions, and give us a solid date to have our apartment decorated by. I mean if we hadn’t I would still be … |Read More|

Friday Favorites 57

Friday Favorites LVII

Happy Friday Favorites #57!  I can't believe how busy I have been this week yall - and it just doesn't stop. I'm getting the house ready this morning for some friends who are coming up from Sydney for a little housewarming and Christmas in July party tomorrow. So let's get into these favorites before I get to cleaning and cooking!  jump to favorite:// pinterest … |Read More|

mini indulgence: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

This mini Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Cake is the perfect sized indulgence for anyone loving the sweet taste of peanut butter and chocolate. With large scoops of ice cream, creamy chocolate, and crunchy base this is one you won't want to share - and you won't have to! Raise your hand if you eat Peanut Butter out of the jar!  If you raised your hand, or … |Read More|

Sticky Date Milkshake with Jack Daniel's Caramel Sauce

Sticky Date Milkshake with Jack Daniel’s Caramel

Have yall seen these milkshakes, er, should I say FreakShakes?! I remember being at work early last week and opening up a browser to see the headline that these milkshakes from Patissez in Canberra were going viral, by Thursday I had friends in America asking me if I had seen the FreakShake. Since I won’t be making that five hour drive for milkshakes any time soon I did … |Read More|