The perfect modern log cabin living room with staple elements from Modani.

My Design Style: Modern Log Cabin

Designing the perfect living room is similar to selecting the perfect outfit - you start with your basic piece let's say it's a dress, then comes the shoes, hair, makeup, and all accessories to make that outfit stand out! What I love about fashion is that it allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with different styles, the same can be said about designing as well. I have lived all over the US and in each location I had a different style when it came to designing my apartment, and let's be honest I probably dressed a bit differently when I lived in each … |Read More|

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WIAW on The Pineapple Cake

WIAW III: Country Road Trip

This weekend Ben and I decided to take a quick, five hour, road trip to his parents house in rural Australia... knowing that I decided to document our meals on Sunday for this WIAW post, as we went from working on the farm back home to Newcastle. Here were go... Breakfast We woke up well rested after a day of harvesting barley to take on the challenge of the day, "sheep … |Read More|

Melbourne Cup Fashion

Fashion Fix: Melbourne Cup Fashion

One week from today is one of the biggest sporting events in Australia... The Melbourne Cup. Never heard of it? No worries, I hadn't either before moving Down Under. The Melbourne Cup is Australia's major thoroughbred horse race - think Kentucky Derby - but bigger. With over $6.2 million in prize money, the Melbourne Cup is the richest race in the world, although my … |Read More|

Celebrating Post #100 with a Surprise Photo Shoot

A Surprise Photo Shoot | Post #100

Whoops. I meant to have this post as #100, had typed it up and everything... but then my crazy weekend on the farm got in the way. If you pretend Farming Down Under and Farming Down Under Part 2 are the same post (as they were intended)... well then here we are at 100; and for sake of celebration we're gonna go with that and continue on like … |Read More|

Farming Down Under part 2

Farming Down Under pt. 2

If you missed part one of Farming Down Under, want to check out the most gorgeous sunset, or find out why I am now going to be called The Girl with the Portable Fan, click here. Sheep Don't Baaa they Meeerh Forget what you learned as a kid, sheep do not baaaa, it's a fact you learn when you are surrounded by 400 sheep. That was my Sunday... sheep work. I had no idea … |Read More|