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Fashion Fix: The Pineapple Trend

It seems that almost everywhere I go this summer there is one fashion trend holding strong: The Pineapple Trend. Given that my blog is called The Pineapple Cake it only makes sense that I highlight this fashion trend? // Crop Tank // Tank // Dress // Sweatshirt //  \\ Dress \\ High-Rise Shorts \\ Shirt \\ Pajama Pants \\  // Pants // Crop Tank // Sundress // Jumper //  \\ Shorts \\ Scarf \\ Pajama Shorts \\ Shirt \\ I am at a loss for where, how, or why this trend started, but I cannot deny I … |Read More|

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The Friday Favorites | The Pineapple Cake

Friday Favorites XII

|| Pizza  ||Grilled Pineapple Pork Sandwich || || Music ||  || Rock Lobster ||  Home Inspiration || I seriously cannot believe it's Friday already, seems like just yesterday I was writing my Friday Favorites post, watching the latest episode of Shark Tank, and enjoying quality Friday night family time. I did a little … |Read More|

Friday Favorites | The Pineapple Cake

Friday Favorites XI

1.|| Favorite Picnic Accessory: Foldable Picnic Table Last week while I was vacationing in Connecticut I noticed these small foldable picnic tables popping up (literally) at outdoor concerts. Who knew a picnic didn't have to be eaten on your lap?! 2.|| Favorite Lunch Meal: Lobster Flat Bread from Seasons 52 When it comes to lunch I am always craving Chipotle... … |Read More|

July Wish List | The Pineapple Cake

July Wish List

Last month's Wish List came a little late, but that doesn't mean I am not well prepared for my July Wish List. I spent almost two weeks traveling through Philadelphia, New York City, and Connecticut and while in each location I did the best thing I know how to do, shop. Ok, ok, so I didn't actually buy anything, I am really good at not buying things too, but everything I … |Read More|

Friday Favorites IX | The Pineapple Cake

Friday Favorites X

It's that time again, it's Friday! I missed last week as I was in Orlando all week, and then left for Delray Beach Friday to visit my brother and his girlfriend... Oh - an I am currently in Philadelphia visiting so many wonderful people I had the pleasure of working with two years ago. This means I am working on vacation, but that's ok, I have a schedule of when to write, … |Read More|