Friday Favorites XXV

Friday Favorites XXV

Happy Friday!!! Although this week was no different than the last, allergies in the form of hay fever have made it seem endless. I'm hoping for a reset over the weekend so I can tackle a few huge projects next week. Until then... the Friday Favorites.  jump to favorite: // tv show / song / funny // \\ inspiration \ snack \ movie \\ Favorite Song: Leave the Night On by Sam Hunt I am really liking Sam Hunt this week, and this is one of those songs I just can't get out of my head. Favorite Snack: Smoothies  My hay fever, silly … |Read More|

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WIAW Kebabs

WIAW II: After the Diet

If you are new around here you may have missed my big news last week, the Whole30 is officially done! That's 33 days (we added a few) of no sugar, sweeteners, gluten, legumes, dairy, msg's, alcohol, and treats (even paleo). It was challenging, but that's not what this WIAW post is about. I'll have a full recap of our Whole30 month later this week... until then, here … |Read More|

Fall Pastel Inspiration

Fashion Fix: Fall Pastels

Fall pastels, sounds like an oxymoron. Every year when feel like fall is the time of year when delicate colors make their way to the backs of our closets in exchange for darker, heavy colors and pieces until the first day of spring when it becomes acceptable once again to wear soft pink, blue, green, and yellow. I came across these looks, and loved how the ladies are … |Read More|

Foodie Weekend: Dree at Grill'd

A Very Foodie Weekend

Before the weekend started we knew we would be celebrating, what we didn't know was that we would be having a very foodie weekend. What are we celebrating? A few things. 1. I hit a milestone number of views for this little blog. yay! 2. We finished the Whole30 - and stuck with it a few extra days until the weekend. #Whole33 3. Friday night we found out that Whole30 … |Read More|

Friday Favorites XXIV

Friday Favorites XXIV

So happy for it to be Friday!! This was a big week for us not only with the usual things we do around here, but throw in crazy storms, a cold and sniffles, and finishing our 30 day diet. Only one thing standing in the way of celebrating our successful and challenging month, and that's the Friday Favorites! And by the way, the past two weeks I have been posting yummy … |Read More|